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Being accused of a crime comes with a lot of misgivings and questions. Will you lose your job? Are the fines severe? Will this go on my record? Will I go to jail? Add a long and complicated legal process, and you may not know where to turn.

In situations like these, you need a lawyer you can trust; a lawyer who is committed to personal attention, smart counsel and passionate service.

What We Offer

At Ryan Mannix, Attorney at Fallow Field Legal Services in Yreka, California, we understand how overwhelming a criminal charge can be. There is a lot on the line and the consequences can be severe, whether you have been accused of DUI, domestic violence, a juvenile crime, a traffic violation or another offense. We are ready to represent you in these offenses — and much more. Regardless of whether it is a first offense and regardless of innocence or guilt, everyone has the right to representation. Ryan Mannix, Attorney at Fallow Field Legal Services will provide it.

We can also help you in expunging your criminal record, which is paramount if you are searching for a new job or would like to buy a firearm.

Our primary attorney, Ryan Mannix, is himself a part of the Yreka community. He values that connection he has with his clients, and he is dedicated to giving them the best service possible. As a Christian, Mr. Mannix is devoted to his family, to his community and to you. From start to finish, he will answer all of your questions, give you candid legal advice and represent you in any way he can, whether that involves going to trial, working through negotiations or advocating for you in mediation.

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At every step, Ryan Mannix, Attorney at Fallow Field Legal Services is on your side, representing you in all of your criminal defense needs. Call us today at 530-842-0754. You can also contact us through email.

Our firm, located in Yreka, California, represents clients throughout Siskiyou County.

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