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It May Be Possible To Expunge Your Criminal Record

As new laws are created and amended, you may find that some criminal charges and convictions have been significantly changed. For example, now that recreational use of marijuana is legal in California, many charges associated with it have been relaxed or eliminated.

Many crimes that used to be felonies are now misdemeanors in California, and you may be eligible for retroactive relief. These crimes include property offenses, some forms of burglary, and some drug crimes.

If you have a criminal record, it likely has drastically inhibited your ability to accomplish things like establish a stable career or buy and own firearms. With these convictions on your record, your livelihood, financial stability and reputation may be compromised.

Explore The Options Available To You

Thankfully, in situations like these, you may petition the court to have your record expunged. Call Fallow Field Legal Services; attorney Ryan Mannix will be glad to do some basic research on your case to assist you with determining the likelihood of a successful petition before you retain him to proceed with a filing.

We all make mistakes, but only some carry the burden of a criminal conviction on their record. Having a criminal record can significantly impact quality of life through restrictions in employment, housing, educational opportunity, loss of firearm rights, problems with immigration, higher insurance rates and much more. Attorney Ryan Mannix and his experienced legal team are ready to help you move forward from the past through offering a range of legal remedies to help clean up that background check:

    • Reduction of felony to misdemeanor
    • Misdemeanor expungement
    • Termination of lifetime registration requirements
    • Certificate of rehabilitation

He will help you understand what can be done in your particular situation. He will also complete the necessary research and follow through on getting your record cleared. This process can be confusing, and attorney Mannix will be there at every step to answer any questions you may have. He understands the repercussions of criminal convictions, and he will do everything he can to clear your record and help you gain the freedom that comes with it.

Talk With An Attorney About Your Situation Today

If you are seeking to clear your record, Mr. Mannix may be able to help. Contact him today to schedule a consultation at 530-842-0754. You can also get in touch through email. The firm’s office is in Yreka, California, representing clients throughout Siskiyou County.