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Have You Been Accused Of DUI?

If you have been accused of DUI, the consequences can be overwhelming. Especially in California, where the penalties are severe, a DUI conviction can impact your financial stability, your ability to drive, your reputation, your career and your freedom. If this is not your first offense or there are other special allegations, the risk becomes even more pronounced.

In any situation, a DUI is a serious but manageable legal problem. I strongly advise the assistance of a lawyer to help you work through something like this, especially since you are facing such consequences as heavy fines, a suspended license, and jail time. I am Ryan Mannix, founding attorney of Fallow Field Legal Services, and I have the tools and experience to effectively represent you.

Providing Skilled Legal Counsel

When you come to my Yreka office, I will personally sit down with you to discuss your situation and your potential options. I will explore every possible defense and factor in mitigation. A DUI can sometimes be downgraded to lesser charge, fines can be mitigated and charges can be dismissed.

Above all, I understand and value the idea that everyone deserves zealous representation under the law. I will help you through the confusing legal process, represent you in all court appearances and negotiations, ensure that you understand your situation and the chosen course of action, and give you candid legal advice. These charges may change your life in a variety of ways, and I am ready to help you through it.

Please be advised that breathalyzer tests are not accurate measures of blood alcohol concentration. If you have refused a breathalyzer or doubt the results, I can discuss your situation and prepare for any consequences this may have.

Don’t Wait To Take Action

If you have been accused of DUI, it is important to talk with a lawyer as soon as possible. This will give you the best chance of mitigating consequences and saving your license. Contact me, attorney Ryan Mannix, at 530-842-0754. You can also contact me through email. Based in Yreka, California, I represent clients throughout Siskiyou County.