Personal Attention, Wise Counsel, Passionate Service

Personal Attention, Wise Counsel, Passionate Service

Restraining Order – Protect Yourself

In California, if you are faced with harassment, abuse, stalking, or threats from another individual, you can protect yourself by filing for a restraining order.

Whether you are the protected person or the restrained person, Attorney Ryan Mannix is ready to stand by your side and help you navigate what can be a highly stressful situation.

At Fallow Field Legal Services, Attorney Ryan Mannix and his team can assist you in filing or responding to:

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
  • Elder Abuse Restraining Orders
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Emergency Protective Orders


Knowledgeable Help From A Local Lawyer

Protect yourself from a dangerous situation.  Restraining orders can be an effective tool if you need help to protect yourself or a loved one.

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