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Protecting Your CDL

The penalties for commercial drivers who receive one or more traffic tickets can be severe. In California, if you accumulate too many points or the wrong type of ticket, it could even cost you your commercial driver’s license (CDL). You should take every measure you can to keep from losing your license – and your career.

The attorney at Fallow Field Legal Services works with you to protect your CDL and keep you on the road. Ryan Mannix is an experienced defense attorney and has represented many truck drivers who have been ticketed on Interstate 5, throughout northern California and the Yreka area.

What Consequences Do Truck Drivers Face?

California holds commercial drivers to a much higher standard than other motorists. Some of the consequences for incurring a ticket can include:

  • Points added to your license
  • Expensive civil fines
  • Increase in your insurance costs
  • Suspension or revocation of your commercial driver’s license

These are merely the legal consequences. Trucking companies often terminate truck drivers who have received traffic violations. Resolving your ticket issue could mean the difference between keeping your job and losing it.

Fallow Field Legal Services can help truck drivers with traffic tickets and other motor vehicle-related violations that threaten your CDL. This includes violations that happened in your commercial truck, a non-commercial vehicle (such as your personal car), non-moving violations that relate to your log book or weigh station issues, and even “fix-it” tickets – minor traffic infractions like failure to signal a turn or running a stop sign.

Other Traffic Violations

Mr. Mannix’s experience and knowledge of the local courts also allow him to provide effective representation for all drivers facing moving violations in Siskiyou County. He can help with:

  • Speeding
  • Cellphone usage
  • DUI-underage drinking
  • Stop sign
  • Tailgating
  • Reckless driving
  • Non-commercial traffic citations
  • Non-moving violations: Log-books, weight stations, Fix-it tickets

Knowledgeable Help From A Local Lawyer

At Fallow Field Legal Services, Mr. Mannix stresses how important it is to work with a lawyer who understands the system, how the court processes tickets and how Siskiyou County in particular handles them. As a resident of Siskiyou County who has represented many clients here, he knows how the local prosecutors, courts and judges view tickets.

If you also face drunk driving charges, he can sometimes negotiate a favorable plea bargain. He will develop a strategy unique to your circumstances to give you a strong chance of avoiding negative penalties.

Take The Steps To Keep Your CDL

Your CDL is more than a slip of plastic. It’s your career. Protect it by getting in touch with Ryan Mannix at Fallow Field Legal Services. To set up an initial consultation, please call 530-842-0754 or send him an email today.