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Siskiyou County, California

Serious Attention

I am attorney Ryan Mannix, and I do not take conflict in or the dissolution of the family unit lightly. I am aware of the severe pain and long-term consequences that a family crisis can bring. However, I also believe that there is a “better way” to engage in the legal conflicts that the realities of human nature at times necessitate.

While always cognizant of discerning whether there is room for restoration, I will stand beside a party in any family law crisis to actively and passionately protect the rights and interests of my client. Whether the case involves physical separation, legal dissolution, restraining orders, child custody and visitation, financial support, or just plain advice, I will dedicate the time, concern, and attention that your case demands.

Child Focused

If children are involved, I will be acutely mindful of protecting the emotions and safety of the children as a paramount goal of the legal representation. Although willing and capable of succeeding in courtroom battles, all efforts will be made to come to negotiated or mediated resolutions that are more likely to have a lasting and peaceful finality than a court-imposed order. The goal of family law litigation is to make a bad situation better, not a bad situation worse.

Just Results

Family law cases go to the heart of what good people care about — our emotions, finances, property, and children. As a counselor at law, I will receive in confidence and appropriately filter for effectiveness the emotions inherent in a family crisis, but I will not become an instrument of vengeance. I will assist in orchestrating an intentional battle for justice, not retribution.

However, I understand that the other party and/or their attorney may not have the same aim or even act in a rational manner, so a watchful vigilance tempers all legal postures, and protecting what my client cares about will not take second seat to a preference for a negotiated resolution.

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I offer full-service family law representation, limited scope representation, in pro per consultation, mediation, and reduced fee initial family law consultations. If you are seeking a family law attorney who cares about you and your family, I stand ready to assist. Contact me today to schedule a consultation at 530-842-0754. You can also get in touch through email.

My office is in Yreka, California, representing clients throughout Siskiyou County.