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It May Be Possible To Expunge Your Criminal Record

As new laws are created and amended, you may find that some criminal charges and convictions have been significantly changed. For example, now that recreational use of marijuana is legal in California, many charges associated with it have been relaxed or eliminated.

Many crimes that used to be felonies are now misdemeanors in California and you may be eligible for retroactive relief. These crimes include property offense, some forms of burglary, and some drug crimes.

If you have been in this situation — convicted of crimes in the past that now come with lighter or even nonexistent charges — it may have drastically inhibited your ability to accomplish things like establish a stable career or buy and own firearms. With these things on your record, your livelihood, financial stability and reputation may be compromised.

We Can Help

Luckily, in situations like these, you may be entitled to have your record expunged, or cleared, of charges that have been eased. With the assistance of a lawyer, this can be done in several ways. Ryan Mannix, Attorney at Fallow Field Legal Services is ready to advocate for you in your record clearing, whether that process involves helping you expunge a variety of eligible past convictions, apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation or receive a governor's pardon.

Our primary attorney, Ryan Mannix, will help you understand what can be done in situations like these. He will complete the necessary research and, if possible, follow through on getting your record cleared. This process is long and confusing, and we will be there at every step and answer any questions you may have. We understand what the repercussions of these convictions are, and we will do everything we can to clear your record and help you gain the freedom that comes with it.

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